Great Lunch Ideas

The most challenging thing to sticking to a good diet is all the prep work that goes into it.  Unfortunately eating french fries for lunch everyday is not a solution, even though it technically fits into a Vegan diet.  Here I have compiled a bunch of ideas for things to make the night before to have for lunch the next day.  They are easy, healthy and will keep you satisfied!

Butternut Squash Chickpea Chili:

butternut squash chickpea chili

This can easily be made in a crock pot over night, or had for dinner and then package the leftovers for lunch the next day.  The recipe can be found here: Butternut Squash Chickpea Recipe

Rice Dish with Creamy Garlic Sauce

garlic sauce

This is another easy one to have for Dinner and then package for Lunch the next day.  The sauce from this recipe can easily be used to top any grain or vegetable dish.  Here is the recipe: Rice Dish Recipe

Rice and Cabbage Dish with Sweet Thai Dressing


This one takes a little bit of prep work but is worth every second.   Check out the recipe here: Rice and Cabbage Dish with Sweet Thai Dressing

Basic Quinoa Salad


This one is by far the easiest, quickest recipe and it even comes with a video, if you need it.  Video: Basic Quinoa Salad Tutorial   

Or here is the link to the recipe: Basic Quinoa Salad Recipe

I hope these recipes help make your lunches a little healthier, and inspire you to brown bag it! 🙂

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